What do we do?

Laurel Ridge Landfill is a Contained Landfill that excepts non-hazardous solid waste. We protect the environment by safely disposing of waste that is generated though out the state of Kentucky North Eastern Counties of Tennessee. We use the latest equipment and technology to manage and dispose of the waste received. The solid waste permit number is 063-00003.

What do we take?

The site accepts municipal solid wastes, construction/demolition wastes and special wastes with proper approval. Special waste approvals can typically be turned around in 24 hours.

How can you find us?

We are located at: Laurel Ridge Landfill 3612 E. HWY 552 Lily, Kentucky 40740. Driving directions from Interstate 75 are as follows: Take exit 38 to state route 192 and travel east for 1.5 miles. Turn right (South) on route 25. Travel 4.5 miles to route 552 and turn right. Then travel 1.5 miles to the 3-way stop. At the stop sign you will continue straight for approximately .5 miles and the entrance will be on your right.

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What is the price for a typical public load?

The disposal price is $35.98 per ton. Vehicles will be weighed in and out for accurate pricing. We have a $30.00 minimum on all loads received. Citizens of Laurel County have a disposal price of $27.50 per ton.

Does my load have to be covered/tarped?

YES, ALL loads must be covered/tarped and/or secured in such a manner that no waste or debris can fly out, fall out or become airborne in anyway. Uncovered/unsecured loads will be charged double, no exceptions.

Can I come out to the landfill and salvage or pick through the trash?

No, salvaging or “picking” is not allowed at the landfill.

Do we take Checks, ATM or Credit Cards?

We except credit local checks, Visa, Master and debit cards for payment.

What is the Phone Number?

Phone number 606-864-7996 Fax 606-864-9325

Can I email a question?

We can be contacted by e-mail at: brucec@wcnx.org

Who is the Special Waste Contact?

Bruce Crouch